5 Reasons We Love B-ing a B Corp

A Conversation between Project Managers Chelsea Hawkins and Sarah Cohen-Doherty

Posted: Oct 8, 2015

B Corporations are part of global movement to bring together companies measuring success by their impact on society and the environment, not simply by their profits. 

Team Pyramid is excited to participate next Thursday in B Inspired, an event that will bring 200 B Corps together in Portland to share and celebrate their work, vision, and passion. While gearing up for the event, Portland-based project manager Sarah Cohen-Doherty and Seattle-based project manager Chelsea Hawkins took some time to talk and share five reasons why they’re excited to work for a Certified B Corp. 

1. Practicing what we preach

Chelsea: I chose to work for Pyramid because of the company’s background in giving voice to good causes—causes I can really devote my time and energy too. Each client I work with, each project I manage is founded in making the world a better place. I truly believe that what I do matters. It’s great to know that as a business, we’re just as committed to making a real, positive change in our world. To me, it’s more than just words—it’s action.

2. Helping our own

Chelsea and Sarah: One of the most exciting things about being a B Corp is the community it fosters—and as a part of that community, we really get to to lift each other up. As members of Pyramid’s Media Team, we enjoyed working with B Lab and fellow B Corporations, contributing our media skills to bring more awareness to the 2015 B Inspired event. It's a team effort.

3. Measuring our impact

Sarah: I have been a member of Pyramid’s Green Team for six years. We have always worked to examine our business practices and find ways to become a more environmentally sustainable organization. With B Corp’s impact assessment tool, we have a way to be even better in our efforts to be more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. The assessment lets us identify the results of our work, while giving us a framework to strive for constant improvement.

4. Part of a community

Sarah: We mentioned earlier about how one of the biggest highlights of being a B Corp is being a part of a community, and it goes beyond sharing and lending services. It’s exciting to work with and learn from people who work in different industries who believe that it’s possible to improve the economy, help the environment, and increase employee satisfaction without sacrificing profitability. Through “B Local” meetings, we get to regularly participate in that conversation.   

5. Supporting our talent

Chelsea: At the end of the day, we’re all trying to make a living. And people want to work for a company that cares about their needs. A big part of that for me is doing good. And I’m not alone. Research also shows that many people want their jobs to connect to a larger purpose. As a B Corp, part of your certification is showing how you invest back into your employees—that’s one of the reasons why I knew I wanted to work at Pyramid. 

We'd love to see you at #BInspiredPDX on October 15th. Tickets are now on sale.