Liza Sheehan

Recent work

Salmon are ours to save | Washington Governor's Salmon Recovery Office

Liza Sheehan

Project Manager

Liza is a strategic business professional with 25 years of leadership and service experience. She has worked to advance conservation and sustainability throughout her career and through a variety of roles, from in-house marketing director at Forterra and project manager at PCC Natural Markets, to business and marketing consultant for a variety of for-profit and nonprofit organizations. At Pyramid, Liza is responsible for the ongoing support and development of Pyramid's conservation and sustainability practice, bringing efficiency, organization and enthusiasm to her project management work. She takes clients from confusion to clear-cut strategy, often disrupting the status quo in the process. Liza holds a master’s in business administration from the University of Washington and a bachelor’s in industrial engineering from Northwestern University. Recent clients include the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office, PCC Farmland Trust, and Ecotrust.


A conscious approach

“I've been a yoga practitioner for 20 plus years. It’s taught me to practice consciousness and self-awareness. I care a lot about living consciously—it's kind of like a meditation of life in your everyday world.”