Pyramid's Work in Conservation & Sustainability: October 2013

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Posted: Oct 25, 2013


For 20 years, Pyramid has chosen clients who champion conservation of our land and water, the diversity and abundance of animal and plant life, and sustainable use of natural resources. Today, our work in conservation and sustainability is driven by the urgent need to learn how to live in a changing climate. We're committed to scientific discovery, innovative technologies, good government, and the purposive, transparent, and creative communications that make a healthy planet and vibrant communities possible.

What's New at Pyramid

Welcoming New Leadership

After working in the government and nonprofit sectors on behalf of environmental issues for over 20 years, Barbara Cairns joins Pyramid as Director of Conservation and Government Relations.

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Tides of Change: The Story of the Qwuloolt Estuary

Amidst environmental threats to its local estuary, the Tulalip Tribes faced a challenge: imparting the complex, intimate relationship between a people and a place.

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Bold Thinking to Address Climate Change

A government consortium reaches beyond traditional bounds to convene imaginative leaders on the subject of climate change and its impact on coastal communities.

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Sustaining Lands and Cultures

Pyramid helps bring an identity to life for a new Native-led foundation committed to sustaining land, water, and culture on the Colorado Plateau.

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Clients Making An Impact

Championing Sustainability and Community

Ride-share is changing the way we get around, contributing to a more sustainable and connected city.

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Three Keys to Affordable Communities

Sightline Institute's Alan Durning looks at renewed interest in century-old urban dwelling practices in his book Unlocking Home.

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Harbor Seals at Home Again

The Seattle Aquarium welcomes back harbor seals Barney, Siku, and Q in their beautiful new exhibit.

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