Five Things to Help You Think Differently: Issue 6

Posted: Dec 2, 2013

In an effort to help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends in communication, technology, and our dynamic world, we wanted to share some resources to help you think differently about the way your organization is communicating, sharing, and inspiring its constituents.

One of the main reasons I love working at Pyramid is that we get to join with organizations and work hard to make our world a better place. When agencies, nonprofits, foundations, etc. rally together around a good cause, it inspires the collaborative approaches that we use in our own work. This week’s blog will highlight five examples of effective partnerships between organizations. 

1. Community partnership for healthy meals

California’s Humboldt County schools face the same meal problems as districts all around the country—how do you serve a healthy meal that kids will eat on a limited budget? In this county, however, nonprofits and other agencies are banding together to provide schools with information and resources to keep their students healthy.

2. Developmentally disabled benefit from nonprofit collaboration

In Illinois, agencies that work with people with developmental disabilities are pulling together for their clients to maintain services, while they face budget cuts. As they look for ways to pool resources and apply for grants, these organizations are finding that they’re also being more efficient by streamlining services to avoid duplication and identifying gaps in service.

3. Grantmakers find ways to expand giving

Nonprofits aren’t the only ones joining forces to achieve their goals. Twelve philanthropic organizations focusing on poverty in developing countries have recently partnered to create Big Bang Philanthropy. Not only do these foundations work together to support their causes financially, but they are also sharing tips about nonprofits, working together on projects, and supporting each other as they bring more attention and funding to their causes.

4. Addressing a changing climate with solid strategy

State fish and wildlife agencies came together this year to pass the National Fish, Wildlife, and Plants Climate Adaption Strategy. More than 90 researchers and managers from federal, state, and tribal natural resource management across the country worked together to draft the strategy, and incorporated feedback from 55,000 individuals, 51 non-governmental organizations, 17 government agencies, and 5 tribes.  

5. Working together to create job opportunities

Organizations in Ohio teamed up to secure a $1.8 million federal grant through the Make it in America Challenge, one of just ten grants. The four organizations have been working together since March to apply for the program and though each group will play a different role in distributing the funds, they'll continue to collaborate together to help local companies strengthen workforce in the region.