Introducing our new digital partnership

We’re teaming up with Hot Pepper Studios

Posted: Mar 21, 2016

Every day, you compete in an increasingly digital landscape to reach the people you serve, connect with your constituents, and move audiences to action. 

At Pyramid, we’ve been focused on digital since the early days of the web. Now, we’re expanding our services to amplify your impact. 

We’re proud to announce our strategic partnership with Hot Pepper Studios, a leading digital agency in the Pacific Northwest.

Hot Pepper is an award-winning web, print, and film studio. As a leader in the design and digital community, they bring years of experience and forward-thinking insight to all things interactive. Established in 1991 as a documentary film company, Hot Pepper soon moved into web design, and not long after, launched WebVisions, an internationally-acclaimed conference on design, user experience, and technology.

Here are a few recent examples of their work.


A site for an El Paso nonprofit that manufactures apparel and corrugated products and provides document management and call center services. Over 75% of their employees are handicapped.

JA MyWay

A site for students to help them prepare for a career, improve their financial literacy, and build entrepreneurship skills. To access the site content, you need to create an account (which is free).


A contract apparel manufacturing company that is striving to ‘reshore’ production to the USA. They’re working with Levi’s, True Religion, and other leading apparel brands.

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